Our Urban Trek covers the “top half” of La Paz, beginning in Satellite City, El Alto and descending all the way to downtown. We meet up in the morning at the Plaza San Pedro and head up like sardines crammed into one of La Pazs “trufis.” Once in El Alto, your guide begins the trek with a history of El Alto and its role in the modern-day social, economic and political landscape. Called by some the “Aymara Capital of the World” and by others Bolivias biggest problem, El Alto is a dynamic place with surprisingly far-reaching influence.

You may also visit El Altos new art museum, creatively installed in an old water tower with incredible views.

From Satellite City, the tour descends on foot into La Paz, passing through the precarious “hanging neighborhoods” built on the unstable and steep slopes of the valley. As you take in the stunning views of La Paz and the Cordillera Real in the distance your guide will explain how La Paz is organized and governed and point out signs of several development projects benefitting at-risk neighborhoods.

Next, after a brief ride on one of those tank-like painted school buses with upholstered ceilings, you are off La Pazs colorful and complex markets. The market section begins in the black market (dont even ask for a receipt) and then passes through the beautiful flower and fruit sections (and just about everything else). The handicraft section is next and we briefly take you to two Fair Trade craft shops, where you can have a look at the incredible textiles produced by Bolivian artesans. We do not receive a commission for suggesting the shops we share with you, however we do recommend picking up a few items before you leave, as greater benefits reach the producers.

We finish up near the Plaza San Francisco, unless you care to join us for a Full-day Urban Trek. Check out the description for more details!

Urban Trek – Half day

Start Time: 08:30 and 14:00

Our Urban Trek half day usually offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, however we can organize the trek on other days with at least 48 hours advance notice.

Combines well with: Living History Walk, Hampaturi Valley Ramble 1-day, Colibri Cabins & Camping

Urban Trek – Half day

Morning Trek

08:30 – Meet guide at Plaza San Pedro* and head up to El Alto

09:00 – El Alto “Satellite City” and Art Museum

10:00 – Descent through Hanging Neighborhoods

11:00 – Snack & rehydration break

11:15 – La Paz Markets & Handicrafts

Afternoon Trek

14:00 – Meet guide at Plaza San Pedro* and head up to El Alto

15:00 – El Alto “Satellite City” and Art Museum

16:00 – Descent through Hanging Neighborhoods

17:00 – Snack & rehydration break

17:15 – La Paz Markets & Handicrafts

*San Pedro Plaza is a popular meeting place in downtown La Paz. Just ask your hotel receptionist or consult your travel guide for directions to the plaza. 


Price per person in USD
1 2 3 4


Urban Trek – Half day
AM or PM program
44.- 24.- 20.- 16.-


The price includes a bi-lingual guide, local transport and an Andean snack.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.


Trip Facts

  • 3 (see FAQs for information on program difficulty)
  • 4 Hours