Huayna Potosi - 2 Days

Huayna Potosi (6,088 meters or 19,974 feet) is one of the most beautiful mountains of the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, with perpetual glaciers and an impressive view, it is visible from La Paz.

We have different options and the routes are multiple, it has several normal routes on its east side also having some of the most challenging and direct routes that can be found anywhere in the Andes on the imposing west side.

In spite of being only two hours from the city of La Paz, it is very important to give time to the process of acclimatization that we will need to climb, many times that process is overvalued and forgotten, but it is important that you understand that at these levels of height the body reacts differently.

You will find a lot of information that indicates the ease of climbing, but beware, “it is popular” but any escalation implies risks and as long as we understand that the process of acclimatization is important, we will achieve our goals.

This mountain does not imply much technical level, it is more it is one of the most accessible mountains in Bolivia because of its infrastructure since there are base camps and pre-established high fields.

During the day it is quite hot and windy (+15 degrees C). During the nights they are cold in the high camp (-10 degrees C).

Grade: AD (quite difficult), 50 °, 800 ms, 6 -7 hours for the high camp.

One of the most impressive and average accessibility peaks is the Huayna Potosí, it does not have technical levels in its climb, you will be able to access its first 6000m.

Day 1
Base Camp / High Camp

We left La Paz at approximately 9:00 am (agency) with direction to the base camp (4750 meters), after 2 hours in transport and after enjoying our lunch, we prepared and placed the necessary equipment to climb.

Here you will have to have a backpack of at least 40 liters to carry the equipment necessary for climbing.

We hike to the high camp (5250 meters), they are approximately 4 HOURS AND A HALF. Here we wait in the high country, we have our dinner, and we try to rest until midnight. Time they will have to get up and put on the necessary equipment.

Day 2
Climbing & Return

We left early at 1 a .m. From the high camp, we started at the Glacier and then we found a small wall of 200 m / 650 feet from 40 ° to 50 ° (3 hours of walking).

We cross the slopes and crevasses and 3 hours more walk and we will reach the Summit (approximately from 6 to 7 hours) from where we will have an impressive view of the city of Alto, Lake Titicaca and the clouds of the Yungas.

Then we will descend by the same way of ascent to the high camp (3 hours), we will arrive at high field we will rest and we will continue downhill 3 hours more until the base camp.

In the base camp we will take our transport and return to the city of La Paz (2 hours approximately).

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Private transport in mobility of the City of La Paz.
  • Certified mountain guides with a lot of experience issued by the (AGMT).
  • One guíde per 2,climbers
  • Assistant Guide 4 people
  • Mountain complete equipment

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Warm clothing.
  • Hiking shoes.
  • Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Personal equipment
  • Backpack 40 liters or more.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Bottle of water for the journey.

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Huayna Potosi
From $ 130.00
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Private
  • AD (quite difficult) -10º degrees C
  • 6088 m or 19,974 feet
  • 1-30 max
  • 2 Days