Huayna Potosí


3 Days




6088 mslm

Departure Place

La Paz City

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Climbing Huayna Potosí 6088m

Climbing Huayna Potosiis a beginner level climb over a 3 day period including basic training, equipment and a rare chance to get over 6000 meters without being an experienced climber. Highly recommended and is Great!

Don’t believe how easy the guidebooks make this climb seem! Anything over 6000 meters is difficult and climbing for 7 or 8 hours is tiring for anyone at high altitude. That said if you are well acclimatized, quite fit and very determined then there is a good chance you will make it and have an unforgettable experience of a lifetimeyou do not need to have experience.


Climbing Huayna PotosíIf you underestimate the climb, have not spent at least several days at altitude, try to save a few dollars by attempting a 2 day trip when not acclimatized– then you will likely not make it to the top (its possible but your chances are slimmer).

Make no mistake – you need determination to climb this mountain and although physically demanding the mental challenge is just as tough if not tougher!

Climbing Huayna Potosí for 2 days is a option of this climb that does not include the practice day that we can arrange for well acclimatized if they wish although you will have less time to get acclimatized to the higher altitude of the mountain.

About the Tour

Day 1: Arrive at the refuge and have lunch. Practice climbing and walking on the lower glacier with crampons and ice axe. Learn basic mountain safety and climbing techniques

Day 2: Take a short trek (2-3 hours) to the high camp at 5350 meters. Eat lunch and rest before the early start for the climb.

Day 3: Wake up at 00:00 am and begin the climb. Climb a 100-foot ice wall, navigate through cracks, and reach the top of the peak at 6088m. Conquer the peak and enjoy incredible views of the Cordillera mountain range.

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Itinerary of the Tour

🌞 Day 1 —

Climbing school and acclimatization

Set off from La Paz around 9.30 am you will head off towards the mountain range but first with a stop off at the equipment store to try on boots, jackets and trousers etc. that you will need on the climb.

Arrive after 2 hours and half or so driving to the refuge and have some lunch before heading off for some practice / training on the lower glacier. You will learn how to fall correctly with an ice axe, climb / walk using crampons and general mountain safety.

Guides are Spanish-speaking only so it is advisable to have some Spanish to get the best from this but they can instruct you in these techniques visually to some degree.

Day 2 ―

The High Camp

A simple day that involves a short trek of 2 or 3 hours up to the high camp at 5350 meters.

You eat around 5 or 6 pm here and then sleep early before the early start for the climb at the 00:00 am.

Day 3 ―

The Ascent

We woke up around 00:00 am and began the climb.

It’s freezing cold, dark, and progress is slow, but you’ll have some great moments along the way, like seeing the night lights the City of El Alto and La Paz from above, climbing a 100-foot ice wall, and jumping a crack or two.

The last 200 meters involve forcing yourself up a 45 degree wall of compressed snow which will be tough going after the climb up and the altitude effects – this is where you need your mental toughness but it will be rewarded by incredible views of the Cordillera mountain range and a sense of achievement you will never forget.

After 6 hours of walking and climbing, we reached the top at 6:00 a.m.

You conquered the peak of 6088m!

Great Adventure to Live!

Day 4 ―

Day 5 ―

Day 6 ―

Day 7+

— Included —

  • Private transportation to and from the climb
  • Qualified mountain guide, Spanish-speaking
  • Equipment – climbing boots, crampons, ice axe, mountain jacket and trousers, harness, rope etc.
  • Meals and accommodation in refuges – both low camp and high camp in refuges
  • Souvenir poster (collect from out office quoting your booking number)

— Not Included —

  • Head torch (one can be provided if you supply batteries though)
  • Sleeping bag (quality mountain sleeping bags can be rented from us – a basic one can be provided free upon request, whereas a -18c mountain sleeping bag can be rented from us for 10$ plus deposit for value of bag)
  • Thermal under trousers (optional), fleece jacket and thermal upper body wear
  • Water (2 to 4 liters – refills available in refuges), chocolate or high calorie sweets /snacks
  • Warm gloves for wearing inside mountain gloves, warm hat, Sunglasses, sun cream and lip balm – essential

— Recommended —

  • Travel insurance – recommended
  • Sunglasses, sun cream and lip balm – essential

— Frequent Questions —

1. Is this climb suitable for beginners?
Yes, this climb is considered a beginner-level climb, but you should be well-acclimatized and physically fit to make it to the top.

2. Do I need to have experience climbing?
No, you don’t need to have experience climbing, but you should be determined and willing to learn.

3. What is the difficulty level of the climb?
The climb is physically demanding, but the difficulty level is moderate. The high altitude and steep terrain can be challenging, especially for those who are not well-acclimatized.

4. How long does it take to climb the mountain?
The climb takes around 6 hours to reach the summit, including the final 200 meters which involve a challenging 45-degree wall of compressed snow.

5. What is the highest altitude we’ll reach?
The highest altitude we’ll reach is 6088 meters, which is above 6000 meters.

6. Do I need to bring any equipment or gear?
No, we will bring you gear such as boots, jackets, and trousers, which will be tested at the equipment store before we start the climb. But if you have your own equipment it’s great

7. What is the accommodation like during the tour?
During the tour, we’ll stay at a refuge at an altitude of 5350 meters. We’ll eat and sleep there before making the final ascent to the summit.

8. What is the weather like during the climb?
The weather can be unpredictable at high altitude, and we may encounter freezing temperatures, darkness, and wind. It’s essential to be prepared for these conditions.

9. Can I cancel or change my booking if I’m not feeling well or not acclimatized?
Yes, you can cancel or change your booking if you’re not feeling well or not acclimatized. However, please note that refunds may not be possible if you cancel at short notice.

— Restrictions —

This tour involves high-altitude trekking and technical climbing, so it is not recommended for travelers with

  • heart or respiratory conditions
  • severe altitude sickness
  • physical limitations

that would make it difficult to hike in rugged terrain or climb steep ice walls. It is also not suitable for inexperienced climbers or those without proper climbing equipment and training.

  • Pregnant women should not participate in this tour due to the high altitude

Additionally, travelers who are uncomfortable with camping in remote areas or have a fear of heights should not participate in this tour.


Climbing School

Before heading off for some practice / training on the lower glacier. You will learn how to fall correctly with an ice axe, climb / walk using crampons and general mountain safety.

Cold & Nights and Lights

Wake up around 1am and start the climb. It is cold, dark and slow progress but you will experience some great moments along the way including seeing the night lights of El Alto and La Paz

The Ascent & Great View

That said if you are well acclimatized, quite fit and very determined then there is a good chance you will make it and have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime – you do not need to have experience.

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