Founded in 1546 after the discovery of the rich deposits of silver in the Cerro Rico. Soon it became one of the richest and largest cities of the Americas.

The miners were often underground for weeks at a time. In 1800 the silver mines were exhausted and tin became the main extracted mineral. All this leads to a slow economic decline.

The rich history of Potosí is still reflected in the narrow streets, the colonial mansions and the numerous churches, which makes the city a UNESCO World Heritage List.


The adventure is an enjoyable fun activity, that being well conducted can be a very rewarding activity.

The adventure exceeds the standards of the usual, of the normal, of the usual


Mountaineering is an exciting activity, performed only by the daring, for those who want to live a new experience every day.

Climbing more than 6000 meters above sea level can be a very challenging activity


The Trekking is a good way to get to know the culture and people of the rural area. While on long walks one finds oneself and the nature of the place.

It is also a good way to acclimatize to the height.