Historical review

South Treks – Tour Operator, was legally founded in October 2018, by the Lic., in Business Administration William Rojas Pérez, who, was born, grew up in Peru and at one stage of his life Undertook a trip to Bolivia, and finds his passion for mountaineering and mountaineering, it is in this way that he is trained and certified as an experienced mountain guide in the Association of Mountain and Trekking Guides of Bolivia (AGMTB) Having climbed most of the peaks of Bolivia in his life , Peru and Chile, through his experience, decides to open the South Treks mountain tourism agency which has its business license provided by the company foundation, a tourist license from the departmental secretary of La Paz and its respective NIT. The owner, William Rojas Pérez, is the one who is in charge of the administrative, organizational and operational part of the company, eventually hiring the services of FreeLancer Mountain Experienced tour guides.

Our headquarters is located in Bolivia, but our collaborators come from different parts of South America and the world, offering the possibility of new experiences and the true adventurous spirit that each one of us can contribute. That’s how we are in South Treks excited, passionate, adventurous and more …

General Objective

Grow economically as a tourism company through the sale of services or products of the highest quality standards and maintaining the reliability and loyalty of our customers.

Specific Objective

Maintain constant training of the company's human talent in order to provide personalized attention to our clients, effectively increasing the sales of each of the services provided.


Offer a personalized service of quality and reliability, through the good attention of our duly trained personnel, designing unique trips, at affordable prices, managing to exceed the expectations of our clients.


To become a recognized Travel Agency in our region, for the trust and security that we offer our clients, presenting innovative services and ensuring a stable tourist activity, promoting an environment of good relations and obtaining the greatest satisfaction from our clients.

Our values

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