About us
We are a group of perfectionists, lovers of adventure who believe in respect for the environment and the possibility of venturing into inhospitable places, places that we hope will surprise our clients.

Our headquarters is located in Bolivia, but our collaborators come from different parts of South America and the world, offering the possibility of new experiences and the true adventurous spirit that each one of us can contribute.
That’s how we are in South Treks excited, passionate, adventurous and more …

Travel to the Measure.
We design trips, according to the needs of our clients, we are happy for the achievement of the objectives and the conquest of new goals, in our walk we have learned that “Everything is possible but nothing is safe”
We are committed to each of our clients, with their satisfaction especially with the design of their travel program, we are very interested in sharing our experience with our customers, giving suggestions and indicating the best options that we hope will meet the expectations of each client.

Our Director
Thank you for visiting us, here at South Trek we intend to cover the expectations of each of our clients, making each experience an unforgettable memory that will last in the minds of our clients and their families.
Understanding that when traveling to new places, one needs adequate information and above all feel safe.
So we are in South Treks people with initiative and respect for the environment, with the willingness to serve and eager for the traveler returns with an experience you want to share with more friends.

Plan your Trip
To design a program and an unforgettable trip we need to know what you want to do.
– Bolivia
– Peru
– Alone

We can organize tailor-made trips, but you can also join groups, in our offer find the possibility of making private trips, as shared, so that you do not worry just enjoy the experience
– For two.
We have different offers, for couples, where we can enjoy inhospitable landscapes as well as unparalleled adventure.
– Explorers.
We design new routes, in which you will be surprised of the different attractions that you will be able to enjoy, of the historical, cultural and landscapes richness that will take us to magical destinations.
– Family.
– And much more..