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to SouthTreks, your premier choice for exploring the wonders of Bolivia!

As a top Tour Operator & Travel Agency, we specialize in unforgettable destinations as the mesmerizing Salar de Uyuni, the towering Huayna Potosi, the picturesque Copacabana, the stunning Charquini, the challenging Choro Trail, the hidden gem of Sorata, the bustling city of La Paz, and many more in Bolivia.

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Welcome to SouthTreks, your premier tour operator and travel agency in Bolivia. We offer customized trips to the most breathtaking destinations in the country.

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Bolivia's majestic peaks await your ascent!

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Join us on an unforgettable ice climbing experience in Bolivia’s stunning Andes mountains. Our expert guides will take you on a thrilling journey to the heart of the Cordillera Real, where you’ll have the chance to conquer glaciers and ice walls like never before.

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